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Cowboy Jose

Cowboy Jose

Putnam Juvenile

ISBN: 0399235701
Author: Susan Middleton Elya


A poor cowboy enters a rodeo to win a date from a pretty señorita, but afterwards wonders if he should spend his winnings on the girl, who is only interested in the money, or on his trusty horse, whose encouragement helped him win.
The author is Susan Middleton Elya and the publisher is Putnam Juvenile. This book went on sale sometime in 2005. The children's book is centered on Cowboys as well as Stories in rhyme, Greed, Rodeos and Horses and is thought to be nice fiction. The child's book is 32 pages long and it consists of quite a few colorfully illustrated pictures. As you read, envision this circumstance inside of your head, add to cart by clicking the weblink below.

Cowboy Jos Ž and his trusty caballo, Feo, happily invest their days riding the range together. Then one day Jos Ž spots pretty Rosita and is struck with love at really first sight. The trouble is, this se– orita only dates rich cowboys and Jos Ž 's pockets are empty- vac'os!

Feo talks Jos Ž into entering the rodeo and when he wins, Rosita expects to assist invest his dinero."to Rosita. But Jos Ž knows the true meaning of friendship and calls"Á Adi— s!


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