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Cowboy Roy (penguin Young Readers, L2)

Cowboy Roy

Penguin Young Readers

ISBN: 0448415682
Author: Cathy East Dubowski / Mark Dubowski


Roy, a young cowboy, tries hard to learn how to ride his bike without the training wheels.
I plan to reveal to you this brilliant book titled Cowboy Roy. The author is Cathy East Dubowski / Mark Dubowski and the publisher is Penguin Young Readers. The was available in April of 2000. The paperback children's book is focused on Bicycles and bicycling and is perceived as great fiction. The book has 32 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pages. It accentuates Cowboys, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

Little Roy lives on a ranch. This actually is actually a funny and really easy-to-read"yarn"for any young reader who dreams inside the Wild West. He can rope like a cowboy, and round up strays like a cowboy. But will he ever learn to"ride"a two-wheeler that is?


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