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Journal Of A Young Skinny Cowboy

Journal Of A Young Skinny Cowboy
Author: Eugene Gentry

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This can be truly a booklet (5,000) words, a true story of an underweight 16 year-old boy who spends the summer operating on his Uncle's Montana ranch. Lightening strikes near the wagon he is driving, frightening the horses, causing them to bolt and he is taken on a wild wagon ride by a team of runaway horses. He is herding cattle and is thrown off a horse that is frightened by a rattle snake, but his left boot sticks inside the stirrup and he is dragged across the pasture by the running horse. 00 every day and room and board? The question is, will he survive the summer or will he be stronger? He learns some history with each of the area, since the ranch is located near the Crow Indian reservation and also the Custer Battlefield. What will his parents say once they pick him up? Was it worth the pain for $1. But inside the process, the boy is kicked by a cow while milking, and thrown off a horse when he is discovering out to ride. He learns to milk cows, ride horses, handle a team of work horses, harvest alfalfa, and herd cattle.


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